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Dubturbo review – Is this Dubstep creator really worth your money??

Hi guys, Jesse here. Just like you, I'm a sick Dubstep fan that searched for an audio creation software that was easy to use and reliable. The kind of money I was spending on studio equipment was ridiculous, I was literally trawling music stores just to find that new rack that would change my sound… but eventually I came across Dubturbo.

So if you want to make any kind of music and you are looking for a DUBSTEP CREATOR that money can buy  (only 40$…you will not have to open up your savings…) you’ve come to the right place. 

Note that this a review though, if you're looking for the DUBTURBO official website just click here!!!

But first guys, please watch how this Dubstep creator turns "sleepy time" Classical bit into a Dubstep track and you will know exactly what to expect from this software. 

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on the DUBTURBO software official website!

Will This software fit your needs?

So, to be honest with you, If you are a newbie in music creation, you should jump on it, BUT if you are searching for really PRO advanced stuff and you are willing to open your pocket and pay much more, than maybe you should go on to Fruity Loops, or even invest in some expensive hardware gear. 

I think it's better of to start with something simple and than progress to the pro's gear, for example, I decided to start play a guitar a few years ago, so I bought a really cheap Chinese guitar and played with it for a year, because I didn't want to invest a lot of my money in something I'm not really sure that isn't another one of my "passing by hobbies" …and do you think it was worth it? DEFINITELY, I'm keeping that guitar till today and sometimes play with it to bring out memories…and Yes, after one year I wanted to lift up my skills so I bought an expensive electric guitar. 

Now don't get me wrong here Dubturbo isn't some Chinese junk, but yes it is for newbies in my opinion and definitely will do the job for you in your first steps. 

My point is, Go slowly step by step, develop your style and don't hurry up to throw your money for nothing.

If you want to see more samples of tracks that were created with this software, by people like you, that started from scratch visit this page!

Click here if you want to get more info' at the official DUBTURBO software website!

How did I found this software…

What you will frequently find online when you are thinking about making music is that a lot of websites and forums will tell you that if you want to make great sounding beats you need to have a vast background of music production knowledge, buy very expensive equipment and have access to a recording studio and more bla bla bla…well, that's bullshit!

All I wanted to do was create my own tracks, guys like you and I can't afford to spend a lot of money on a hobby on something that may not generate any money in the near future… So, I thought to myself, there’s has to be a piece of great audio software out there.  I've tried using other Dubstep creator software before which caused me to almost give up on my dreams. My experience with other junky software was horrible, the keyboards were fine, but there were not a lot of sounds, beats, drum samples, Wub wub VSTs or additional plugins. The quality of the beats was poor (it sounded like Tetris…), it crashed a few times and the features were so complicated that I found myself reading manuals for half of the time. I've also spent a few hundred dollars…

So after reading, searching and bad experience with other software I went to consult with a couple of my friends which one of them is a famous DJ and a music producer (you can read an interview I did with him in another post), and they told me about this software, "DUBTURBO 2.0 – Digital productions". I was very skeptical at first, but I said what the hack, let's try it, it's only 40$crying

After I purchased the Dubturbo, from the first moment, it kind of felt like winning the lottery, ahha… I MEAN every word. So let me tell you why this Dubstep creator absolutely ROCKS:

  • QUALITY – this is the number one thing that you should think about, and this software is blessed with it. You'll be able to Export your beats to 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format! This is an Industry standard.
  • Beats are a PIECE OF CAKE! NO fuss, wires, latency, VSTs, midi, nothin'! You still get studio quality sick beats, Just Plug in your PC or mac to a good headphones or speakers!
  • Training Videos – This shows you How to produce HITS in minutes; you won't have to read long manuals…
  • The Price – in my opinion the price is underestimated, I mean just one real low quality VST (not virtual) will cost you at least 250$…I bought one and it's stuck in my room without any use, since I discovered this software. With their package you'll receive 5 different kinds of VSTs, and YES it worth it.

And here's another look at what you'll get with their package:dubstep creator package

  • The software DUBturbo 2.0 and access to the 2.5 version which will be available soon.
  • Over 1900 Samples preloaded - All custom & hot 
  • DUBturbo VST(i) HIPHOP – PC & MAC
  • DUBturbo VST(i) DUBSTEP – PC & MAC
  • DUBturbo SAMPLOID - PC only – Sampler, make your own Romplers
  • DUBturbo NORBOX - PC only – Mastering & Effects Unit 
  • DUBturbo WUBWUB + samples-to Make your own wubwubs & bass – That's feature is one of my favorites and it's AMAZING
  • WUBWUB & Wobble Sample Kits - DUBSTEP KITS
  • DUBturbo PREAMP - PC only – Gritty distortion & power pre amp 
  • Accappellas Bonus - Holly Staruch Accappellas & Bonus Voxes 
  • Premium Updates When Dubturbo Update Kits.
  • MOST IMPORTANT – Training Videos - How to produce HITS in minutes  

Can I return this software if I won't like it?

OH yeah, Just to keep you informed, another important issue is that you'll receive a full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy, so you can download the program, play with any song for 60 days and if you're still not completely confident, you can use this refund policy…

My conclusion

In conclusion, is it worth your money? That depends, if you are a newbie, you should be really be excited from this software, I think it's definitely one of the best Dubstep creators for newbies out there today and also a cheap one. I HIGHLY recommend you to check it out and give it a try. The tutorials are short and helpful so you could start right away. BUT If you are searching a Pro's software, it will not satisfy all your needs. I can say that the biggest regret of mine is that I didn't find it sooner.

Remember that if it will not be beneficial for you,  just return it.

Thanks for reading, I hope I helped you to make the right decision AND  if you liked this review please hit the LIKE button above yes

-       Jesse

For more information Click here to access the Dubturbo official website

The simple way to create your own beats with BEATS AUDIO SOFTWARE

If you are reading this then you are probably looking to make your own beats on your PC or MAC. I have been there and spent time on finding a good quality Dubstep maker. If you do not know anything about music production then you can run into a brick wall with this, because when you do some research on this you normally find that you will need a lot of expensive equipment to make beats that sound good or poor quality software, or pay for some really expensive DUBSTEP CREATOR …Dubstep creator - beats audio software

I'm sure that if you want to make the sort of sounds that you hear in the charts you will either need to do the above or find a good piece of software which can cost a lot of money.

Well I have some good news there is a package of a low cost BEAT MAKER which has been released called Dub Turbo 2.5, which is a beats audio software packed with various VSTs and sound samples, and it gives you everything you need to make your own beats and pretty much any music that you want online just like Raps, House, Rock, Dance, DUB and any kind of music you can imagine.

The sound of this Dubstep creator sounds very professionally and there are also thousands and thousands of sounds to pick from. It takes a while to learn how to do it, but in 2-3 days you will probably have your first track on air. There are also great tutorials that come along with the software.

Enjoy the beats!!

What should you look for when searching a Dubstep creator?

In the past 10 years Dubstep music has become somewhat of a phenomenon around the globe. Everyone is trying to create tracks and beats and searching for the right music maker.

When I started searching for Dubsep maker, I noticed that there are some very poor products and high quality ones, but most of them had the basic features and the advanced software had also the additional features which can your life really easier, I'm talking about extra sounds, various types of VSTs, tuturiols and more stuff.  So after a little research I did, I want to give some bullet points which you should look for if you want to find the best DUBSTEP MAKER ONLINE, it's actually a kind of a recipe:

  • SOUNDS QUALITY! One of the most important ingredients to success here.dubstep creator
  • VSTs – the more the merrier, and for Dubstep look for the WUB WUB vst, which is significantly important.
  • Look for a Multi track recording.
  • Search for all kinds of Drum machine and a Drum panels.
  • A fully functional keyboard – there's also programs with an option to select the keyboard structure and theme.
  • Search for lots of high quality sounds (beats, drums etc.) recorded in the software. Remember, if you're searching for the best Dubstep creator it should include at least 1 thousand sounds. You will need it.
  • Stay away from low quality sound recordings. Invest in your sounds.
  • Edit Volumes, Go Solo, Mute, save, edit Tempo + More.
  • EASY ways To Record Your Beat With Triggers.
  • Look for video tutorials; don’t waste your time on long page manuals…

There are probably lots of other things, but be sure I included the critical ones.

If you will search for the BEAT MAKER, don’t waste your time with other DUBSTEP CREATOR, I think you'll be disappointed quickly. I heard really desperate friends of mine which actually thought of giving up their dreams because they burn their time struggling with those software.